One of the best Qigong students!

One of the best Qigong students!
Nancy Baker, at 90 years, seems to be getting younger and healthier since she starting practicing Qigong.

Nancy started attending Qigong classes while I (Hisako) taught for the UAF Life Long Program (OLLI) in 2005. She has continued to attend during my current Lunchtime Qigong class at Mary Siah Recreation Center. During the first few years, Nancy struggled to come to class on time because she said she was a “night owl.” She stayed up until 3 a.m. and couldn’t get up in the morning. “I was doing the same things at night that people do during the day time.”

Within the last couple of the years, Nancy’s attitude had changed. Nancy sold her house and moved into a condo closer to the Mary Siah Rec Center. She traded in her old car for a brand new red car so she could come to the class more often. “(Qigong is) a great start to the day.” But, “Don’t call before 11 a.m.” To her, it was a great improvement. If someone calls and has no confidence to do Qigong exercise, I say, “If a 90 year old Nancy can do it, you can do it too!” “Oh, that’s right.” Nancy’s presence inspires other students, especially new students.

I think that Nancy’s secret of longevity is positive thinking. When Nancy showed up with a terrible black eye, she lightly said, “Oh, I was off balance and hit the corner of my kitchen counter. It’s OK, just black, hahaha….”
Except on very icy and slippery days, Nancy will come to the Qigong class no matter what.
One day during the class I looked at Nancy bending her back and with both hands almost touching the floor. I was surprised. “Have you ever bend your back so well before?” I asked to Nancy.
It’s not just that. With deep breathing exercises, Nancy’s sinus problem seems less and less (I’m not sure if she has noticed herself though) and her shoulder is much more flexible than in the beginning.

During the 1940’s, Nancy served as a pilot for Women Air force Service Pilots (WASP). “I always wanted to fly,” Nancy said. In April 2010, along with a fellow pilot in Fairbanks, Nancy was honored and presented with bronze medal replicas of the Congressional Gold Medal that was presented to 200 surviving WASPs in Washington D.C.
Congratulations Nancy and keep inspiring us!

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