About Hisako

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Studied Journalism at the Nihon University, worked as an editor at production companies until her visit to Alaska in 1986 for few months. Somehow she ends up there. Moved to Clear, Alaska in ’88.

After driving 80 miles to Fairbanks to learn/train massage school and martial art, Hisako moved to Fairbanks in 2002 then became a full time licensed massage therapist. At same time, she found Shiatsu teacher in Japan. Ongoing training of “Do-Zen (moving Zen) Shiatsu” still continues every time she visits to Japan. Hisako’s modality is integrated —both massage and shiatsu techniques— like blending West and East cultures. People in Alaska have always helped her when she couldn’t speak English well or drive. One of reason she became a massage therapist and Qigong instructor is “return to help people”. It makes sense to her that she moved to such a far north land after being a city lady in Tokyo.

After reached some goals with martial art, Hisako shifted her energy toward healing art to help people through her hands. Hisako trained Shaolin Qigong in Tokyo from Chinese Kung-Fu/Qigong grand master as well as Shiatsu training, then went to China to be certified as a moving Qigong instructor. Since 2004, Hisako has been introducing Qigong to the Fairbanks community. Beside her regular classes, Hisako has taught few years at OLLI (UAF Life Long program) and given introductive classes at the hospital and the Women’s Affair. Since she started to teach Qigong, her terrible stage fright syndrome has disappeared. Hisako’s mission: Through moving Qigong exercise, open up blockage then withdraw own healing energy to maintain body/mind. Qigong for health, Qigong for a happy and healthier community. Hisako is probably never be a Qigong master instead she will be forever learning from whoever she meets.

Before moving to Fairbanks, Hisako had published two books in Japan. A translated children’s picture book, “Blow me a kiss, Miss. Lilly” (Nancy White Carlstrom) and 14 years of her rural Alaska life experience, “My Alaska day dream”. Hisako enjoys spending her time now on body work rather than sitting to write these days.


TOZAI Shiatsu/ Massage Therapy

-Hisako Ito, LMT – Nationally certified
-Integrated Shiatsu/Massage Therapy
-Japanese Do Zen Methods
-Walk-on-Your-Back-Body Massage

-Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oils)

-Palliative Healing Touch/Massage for Hospice

-Oncology Massage, Comfort Touch for Illness

Located at 946 Cowles Street Suite 101, downstairs in the Arctic Bowl Building.

Call 479-HAND (4263) for rates or schedule an appointment

Qigong inquiry only: tozai@qigongforhealthak.com